Energize Your Brand

Call us an agency, call us a consultancy, call us a creative shop. 


We like all of those words.

But what we consistently do is balance three decades of experience with every modern tool and platform available to develop new brands and grow existing brands.

Our portfolio is made up of success stories of many kinds–Identity, products, packaging and assets–all of the things we create to help businesses run better, and perform better.


We support and energize your brand with “all the things”.


 We combine industry veterans with young, technology-centric talent to create a balance in all things

That give your brand energy.


The Founders

Jim Harper

Jim Harper

Jim has been a creative for over 20 years, and his specialty has been creating culture and aligning brands with it. At his past 3 agencies, he helped grow them from the single digits to around 20-30 employees. Helping small businesses grow, and helping people start new things is Jim's speciality.

As a partner at Boxing Clever, Jim not only worked with a stunning team of creatives to build a unique, boutique agency, but created their own brands such as Boxing Clever Records and Boxing Clever Publishing. Boxing Clever Publishing helped create and publish the book Archibald's Next Big Thing which will soon be a movie under Dreamworks. 

Jim spent a large portion of his career working with Brown-Forman, helping them not only have great looking products on the shelf but also align their brands with the right culture to help their brands big and small grow at incredible rates. 

Jim has founded The Corporate Electric to continue to hone his design skills and help anyone wanting to create something wonderful.

Kevin Willingham

 Kevin Willingham

Originally a classically trained percussionist Kevin has been a professional creative in some capacity for over a decade; working with musicians and other creatives from performances, events and productions, recording, promotions and beyond.

Kevin jumped into the strictly marketing world right before the “YouTube boom,” then working with other content creators on graphic design, video editing and production, audio production, as well as web design and UX. He has spent a lot of time aligning people and cultures.

Originally working with Jim to start a podcast about cocktails and cocktail culture Kevin helped develop the web shows concepts and direction as well as managing the production, editing and handled the website and social media duties. Kevin and Jim have been busy ever since designing and launching brands.

Kevin helped found The Corporate Electric due to his passion is creating new brands, and getting beautiful packaging into people’s hands.