Vacaynation - Branding a Lifestyle

Vacation is both a state of mind and a grand plan a lot of us look forward to for most of the year. For our client those two ideas are a lifestyle. The ritual of setting your work email to “out of the office” and then actually getting out of the office to enjoy a different part of life with family and friends.

The name Vacaynation was brought to us but we were tasked with creating the visual look and feel of the brand and help bring to life what Vacaynation can really mean.

Vacaynation004Artboard 1.png
Vacaynation004Artboard 3.png

The Travel Life Company

Several styles were explored but we and the client settled in on the sunset and water motif. Calling out to the most popular vacation style of relaxing on a beach but with a visual representation that was open enough for interpretation. After all, sitting on the water and enjoying a sunset is hardly limited to the beach life.

Being a lifestyle brand, social media was in the back of all our minds during the process. What those posts could look like and what the follower of the content would relate to and could feel. Flowing from strong feelings of family time to just venturing out on your own to enjoy the world.

Of course merchandise is a corner stone of any lifestyle brand so while that phase is still in the works, we had to imagine what that would look like early on.

This is the Life

Vacaynation is an idea and a feeling that everyone can relate to; we know we can. No matter how much you love your job you can never get out enough and enjoy the world around you. It will be exciting to continue to build this brand and see how other people latch on to what Vacaynation is.