Kizmet Chocolates

TCE named, developed and designed this product for our innovative client who makes high-end chocolates with full-spectrum CBD in each serving. Kizmet® is artisanal chocolate with creamy, delicious flavors.

Kizmet marries the finest artisanal chocolate with pure, full-spectrum, full-strength hemp CBD oil. Premium, all-natural ingredients blended by renowned chocolatier, Saddleback Chocolates ™, Maureen Moore creates the exquisite BeWellNow line of chocolates. Choosing select cocoa beans, rich in flavor and antioxidant flavonoids, Ms. Moore developed a chocolate recipe for stress relief, reduced inflammation and lower blood pressure. Only Kizmet chocolates provide exquisite pleasure wrapped in calming clarity for a renewed focus to your day.

The Corporate Electric developed 4 distinct patterns for each flavor, with a color palette for each. They boldly live together on shelf but also stand apart as each pattern represents the delicious flavors of each. The four initial flavors Kizmet offers are: Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt, Blood Orange with Sea Salt and Lime Chili with Cumin Sea Salt.