Water Sweets Soap Company E-Commerce

TCE designed a new e-commerce site for our friends at Water Sweets Soap Company. Already a strong retail presence, Water Sweets needed a stronger online presence. We helped photograph their products, organize them and built a sitemap to best sell their products online.

Water Sweets Soap Company’s products are hand-made in Highland, IL, part of America’s heartland with natural ingredients, sourced in the United States. Water Sweets Soap Company does not outsource any production or packaging. Each important step happens internally right in our facility. We use only the best ingredients which aren’t necessarily the cheapest. Some of our competitors use oils they call “soy oil”… translation, run of the mill vegetable oil. Take a look at our what goes into our products, we are very proud of what we put in all of our goods, made just for you. It’s also part of our philosophy to use no added chemical preservatives in our products. We want our customers to be able to “bathe clean” with this philosophy in mind.