Mira Smart Conferencing

We had the opportunity to work on their branding and website recently and are excited to see it making it out into the world.

Mira is an interesting brand and company; a tech company right here in St. Louis with a serious pedigree. Founded by Jim McKelvey and later took steps into its current form with the help of Jack Dorsey. Both who later founded Square with Jack Dorsey also co-founding Twitter.

Mira Smart Conferencing offers a tailored experience in the conference space for managing data as well as submitting, sharing and reviewing abstracts.

MiraAsset 10@2x.png

It was a fun exercise to take this company and their branding and then shape what they had into something that could actually be called a brand. Something that can now grow as they do.

We refreshed their logo into something a little more modern and gave it some weight and depth. Expanded their wordmarks and provided them secondary marks, new colors and a full color palette, and some language.