Right: Jim Harper - Left: Kevin Willingham

Right: Jim Harper - Left: Kevin Willingham

Jim Harper Creative is in a small team in downtown Edwardsville, IL. Working with fresh brands with new products all the way up to fortune 500 companies we strive to give our clients the tools they need to succeed. Our answer is never "We can't do that" but rather "We'll figure it out". 

Jim Harper

I've been a creative for over 20 years, and my specialty has been creating culture and aligning brands with it. At my past 3 agencies, I helped grow them from the single digits to around 20-30 employees. My focus is helping small businesses grow, and helping people start new things.

As a partner at Boxing Clever, I not only worked with a stunning team of creatives to build a unique, boutique agency, but created our own brands such as Boxing Clever Records and Boxing Clever Publishing.

I have decided to go out on my own so that I can hone my design skills and work as a consultant to anyone wanting to create something wonderful.


Kevin Willingham

Account & Project Management • Design • Web & Social • VP of Misc Stuff

Originally focusing on becoming a classical Percussionist and then somehow getting wrapped up in the world music movement I found myself exploring a lot of different creative avenues in the last 10 years.  Web development, video production and editing, and digital marketing just to name a few. Even took a stab a what has became known as "Content Creator" during the early Youtube boom as well as helped several other people launch, work on and expand their own brands and identity at that time and years later. Working with Jim Harper I helped startup a podcast/web show focused on Cocktails and the craft cocktail movement where I worked on our website, social, video and audio editing, and production.  

Eventually joining Jim full time as Jim Harper Creative I started helping with our digital projects and managed a lot of our day to day business but quickly started helping on just about every facet of Jim Harper Creative. Since starting with Jim I have helped launch, rebrand and refresh several brands, helped develop massive custom websites and worked with some amazing people. I love working with brands new and established find their voice and help them discover markets, and tackle new ideas.